Saturday, June 23, 2018

Working Visit of the Archbishop to St. Petersburg

On May 16 Archbishop Dietrich Brauer took part in the work of the 18th Petersburg International Legal Forum, where representatives of traditional religious groups debated the issue of the relationship between the state, society and religious organizations, including the question of the mechanics of state support of religious organizations. The moderator of the group was Sergei Gavrilov – the representative of the Duma committee on the development of civil society, societal and religious groups.
During his visit the Archbishop also visited one of the oldest members of our church, Edith Muetel, the author of two volumes of memoirs, the latter of which (“I Remember. From Petrograd to Petersburg through the Volga and Siberia”) is in Russian and was printed with the help of the St. Petersburg city government.
In addition he had meetings around other issues including the preparation of lay preachers for the Northwestern Deanery, restoration work at Petrikirche, the activities of the Theological Seminary and work on the liturgical handbook that is in the process of preparation.

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