Saturday, June 23, 2018

Seminar for Graduates

On June 3 to 5 those seminary graduates who recently passed their final exams were gathered together at Sts Peter and Paul cathedral in Moscow for a seminar.
Artis Petersons (Moscow), Nikolai Deminov (Sol-Iletsk), Valentin Nikolaenko and Alexei Kolosvo (St. Petersburg) in conversation directed by the seminary leadership (President Anton Tikhomirov) and dean of the Central Deanery, Elena Bondarenko shared with one another their experience of studies and practical ministry, took part in the worship in the cathedral, and listened to Seminary President Anton Tikhomirov's lectures on homiletics, as well as met ELC Archbishop Dietrich Brauer.

While the internship of participants of the seminar from St. Petersburg is just beginning and for Nikolai Demonov it will continue, Artis Petersons passed his colloquium with very high marks and received his long-awaited seminary diploma.
A pleasant addition to the seminar's program was a visit to the Catholic Institute of St. Thomas and discussions with its rector, Father Stephan Lipke, as well as time spent together in fellowship and walking around the city with one another.

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